MitraClip Registry

The SWISS MitraClip Registry is deputy to collect information about the application of MitraClip interventions on Switzerland.


The MitraClip system registry began in 2010. The MitraClip experience went far beyond the initial (limited) prediction and his application today covers a broad spectrum of clinical and anatomical indications in patients not amenable to surgery (heart team approach).

MitraClipMitraClip System for transcatheter mitral valve repair

The mitral valve regulates the blood flow between the left atrium and left ventricle, preventing regurgitation during the heart contraction phase. If the two mitralic flaps do not close adequately – and this may occur for a number of reasons: functional, degenerative or infectious – blood regurgitates in varying quantities, worsening haemodynamics. Apart from pharmacological therapy, this pathology is normally treated with a surgical approach, which is not an option for high-risk patients.
The new MitraClip technique, a percutaneous transcatheter (without opening the chest) procedure, makes it possible to reduce mitral regurgitation through the positioning of a clip that narrows the valve opening. This procedure is performed, with the patient under general anaesthesia, by passing through the right femoral vein; the patient is usually then dismissed after 1 or 2 days.

MitraClip intervention